Oil Lamps, modern and contemporary,  
unique and unusual works of functional art.
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Contemporary Oil Lamps by Artlamp,
Kentucky Crafted  

Four Foot Tall Contemporary Oil Lamp

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Cylinder with Tiny Contemporary Oil Lamp
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Artlamp's new Cylinder Contemporary Oil Lamps, including
the Dancing Flame Contemporary Oil Lamp

Intersecting Cubes Contemporary Oil Lamp
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Copper Clad  Pyramid
Now available in aluminum, brass, and
clear polycarbonate. 

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Artamp's contemporary oil lamps, often referred to as unique and unusual 
 works of  functional art.  This  site   includes all of Artlamp's  contemporary 
oil   lamps  that  have  been  designed   from   concept  to  completion   by 
 David  G. Schneider,   architect  since  1995.  A  brilliant  oil  lamp  to  add 
 to your collectibles  or for  that  special  holiday,  for  yourself  or  as  a  gift. 

If  you enjoy beautiful hand made contemporary art, that can serve as both 
a work of  art and utility lamp, Artlamp  provides the contemporary oil lamp 
that may appeal to you. One of Artlamp's newest contemporary oil lamps,  
(The Pyramid) are adjustable. Each element  can be moved and adjusted 
to your preference,  creating an atmosphere you desire by easily adjusting 
the  flame  height.   Adjusting  the  flame without  extinguishing  the  flame, 
allows  the lamp to be adjusted  to provide  the preferred  amount  of light.. 

Artlamp's contemporary  oil lamps,  although hand made are  so precisely 
made, that you can see the perfection that went into making each oil lamp.
The uses of various materials and configurations  makes them unique from
the  production  made oil  lamp.   Each oil lamp  has a copyright date and 
signed and dated by  the artist.   

Born out of  the desire to study the wicking capability of a wick to create a 
  tall sculptural oil lamp,  the  apparatus to test the wicks, became Artlamp's   
first  contemporary oil  lamp.  This lamp,  the U12, made of  glass, steel or 
brass, oil  resistant tubing  and a  fiberglass  wick,  the U12 is displayed in 
and in Sales  of this web site.

From  this study and  experiment,  the best  wicks were selected  and  the 
optimum  length  of  wick is used and the purest burning oil "Ultra Pure by 
Lamplight Farms" is recommended for use in Artlamp's contemporary oil 
lamps.  A major influence  for  this  work has been  the  DeStijl movement 
and the Bauhaus Institution, beyond minimalism.

Artlamp's  new  oil lamps  are designed  with the criteria of being energy 
efficient.  The newest  oil lamps; the Pyramid has a capacity of 130ml or 
4.3 fluid ounces of  fuel and will burn continuously for 48 hours.  They will  
provide  you with  an  emergency  light  when  needed, at  the same time 
being a work of art.  

Artlamp's contemporary  oil lamps are durable, easy to use and easy to 
maintain,  providing all the amenities of a traditional oil lamp and more. 

The  most  innovated aspect of the  Pyramid  oil lamp is that it is safe to 
handle  when lit.  Not one exposed part of Artlamp's Pyramid oil lamp is 
hot to the touch when lit, making it a great option for public use and or at 
home  around  children  and  pets  with  adult  supervision.   This aspect 
allows for easy and fast maintenance. 

The  Pyramid  contemporary  oil lamp  includes  the glass shade and the
glass stopper for  the  reservoir.  This shade is strong  and  durable, heat
  resistant  and exceeds  the glass thickness  of most other oil lamp shades
shades.  Replacement  shades  can be  purchased as an  accessory  in 
this web site   Artlamp Accessories- see Contents,      

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Artlamp's Schneider Contemporary Oil Lamp
by: David G. Schneider 2000

The  above  contemporary oil  lamp was influenced  by both the  Bauhaus and
 DeStijl.  Theo van Doesburg,  a member of the DeStijl  movement  introduced 
 the diagonal element and justified it  in theoretical  statements, as the diagonal
being  dynamic and not  static.  The theory  was  not  a  betrayal  of the earlier
principles  of  the  horizontal - vertical as  seen in Mondrian's paintings, but an 
intelligent  development  of  it,  which was  already  foreshadowed  in  1918 in
Rietveld's red blue chair. Mondrian left DeStijl when van Doesburg introduced
the diagonal element.  DeStijl was a loosely formed organization of artist and 
architects. The diagonal violates the horizontal and vertical, it is dynamic as it 
violates  the ground  plane and  becomes  a major element in its composition.

Artlamp's theory is to search for relationships in the composition of materials.
   These   relationships    are   visible  in   Artlamp's   contemporary   oil   lamps. 

In the writings of the DeStijl Architects and Artist,  there was an insistence on 
relations  rather  than  things.   Although   the  work  of   Kandinsky  (a DeStijl 
Painter)  was  beyond abstraction,   it  was Theo van Doesburg  who  utilized 
the  diagonal in his paintings.  

For Artlamp's unusual and unique
works of functional contemporary art:

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Contemporary Oil Lamps by Artlamp, Kentucky Crafted
  have been juried and received the Kentucky Crafted Certificate
 given by the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program.

The purpose of this web site is to promote the Arts in Kentucky and to visually
inspire others to reach a higher quality  of work and trigger thoughts or ideas from the
subconscious to a conscious verbal and or conscious visual level.

"it is this work that I am hoping you will enjoy as pleasing to  the eye, showing a
sense of balance, harmony and beauty. The perception of beauty is subconsciously and 
visually seen in the relationships in these contemporary oil lamps.  Since Artlamp's oil
lamps are a combination of materials, one element does not stand out above the others
but stands freely in space as a whole."
                                                                                                          by: David G. Schneider, Architect